Monday, April 7, 2008

I am 22 today...

First of all, Happy Birthday to myself! haha
Secondly, happy Birthday to this blog too! I opened this blog on my birthday last year and now it is 1 year old le...

I'm now 22. I'm an adult now. (In fact I was an adult since last year. :p)

Thanks for my friends who were celebrating with me on Saturday. Thanks for the surprise that you all have given me. Although it was a combined birthday celebration, I really appreciate that. I had a good time with you all.

Thanks for my course mates that celebrated with me too. You all really surprised me in the lecture hall! I didn't expect that at all! And thanks for the present too. I like that and will treasure it a lot. I am glad to have you all as my course mates.

Thanks for those who sms and leave message in msn for me. Thanks mummie for your sms too =) And thanks for those that commented in friendster and facebook too. Thank you everybody! ^________^