Monday, April 14, 2008

It's unbelievable!

I just couldn’t believe this kind of thing will happen in NUS, the place where the people here are educated.

The story goes like this. It was a Saturday morning and as usual, I will do my laundry and tidy up my room. Everything was fine after I put my clothes had been finished washing and I put my clothes into the drying machine and came back to my room. It normally takes 40 minutes for the clothes to dry and usually I will go down after 40 minutes, the most 45 minutes, to collect my clothes so that my clothes won’t be taken out by other people in case they want to use it. So, as usual, I went down to take my clothes after 40 minutes. To my dismay, I found that my jeans inside were disappeared the minute I opened the cover of the drying machine! My 3 new jeans! Oh my god…My clothes weren’t really dried and I inferred that the machine was stopped by people before my clothes dried and stole away my jeans! Without much procrastination, I went to launch a report at the office. The office staff assured me and said that they will look seriously into this matter and will investigate it immediately. They promised to give me a call on that day and asked me to go back and wait as I was not allowed to go to watch the CCTV. I couldn’t understand why I was not allowed to watch the CCTV because I think I could recognize my own jeans if I were to see that in the CCTV. But it was perfectly okay that I wasn’t allowed to watch as long as they could help me to find back my jeans and take action to that fellow.

So I was waiting. 3 hours had passed but I didn’t receive any call from them. I decided to call to the office and asked about the progression of the investigation. After a while a guy answered my call. He was the FCC guy. (FCC will take over residents matter after the management office is closed) To my dismay again, the guy told me that the office was closed and he didn’t receive any order from the management office for this case. He said I would have to wait until Monday and check with the management office. It was really disappointing. The matter was not investigated immediately at the first moment and they just made the empty promise to me. I could do nothing about it but just to wait for Monday to come.

And here comes Monday, which is today. I called the office in the morning and talked to the staff that spoke to me on Saturday. But it was really surprising that she was like forgotten about everything that couldn’t remember that there was this case happened on Saturday! I was like, you want me to tell the story again?! She passed the call to another guy, whom I think was the manager. I told him the whole story again and he promised me the same thing again. He said he will call me after 1 hour and asked me to wait. So I was waiting again. This time round, he really called after 1 hour. I picked up the call and this was what he said:

“We didn’t receive any clothes returned by students till date. We couldn’t help much and we are sorry about that.”

I was like, you have CCTV, don’t you? I have given enough information such as the time range of occurrence and my clothes colour and in fact everything which I think more than enough for them to investigate! They told me that they will investigate and this is the way they investigate? Sit there and wait for the person to return my jeans to them? They thought that fellow will return my jeans to them if he/she found that the jeans were just too tight or too big for him/her? They were just treating me like a fool! I always think that Singapore people work with high efficiency but this has proven that I was wrong. Their efficiency is just like the efficiency of the police in other country in some part of the world! I was so disappointed…

There was another victim this morning. The victim pasted notice in front of the lift saying that her clothes were being stolen too. If the management office still refuses to look into this matter, there will definitely more victims in future.

My poor new jeans…I wonder what the fellow is doing to my jeans now…so sad =(