Saturday, March 29, 2008

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It has been quite some time since my last update to this blog. I was busy with school works for the past 2 weeks and have finally finished my project last night... -_-''

I have no idea what has happened to me. Things are just going opposite to my will recently.

Firstly, I didn't get a vacation internship in Keppel. However, I think this is neither a good nor a bad news to me. The reason being is I'm not sure whether I really want to study Offshore for the next 2 years. Offshore is a booming industry in Singapore and it will give a good pay in future. Everyone is going to study Offshore especially all those Dean's Lister. They are just simply too "zai". But sadly, I'm not. I want to secure my CAP. I'm not confident enough to compete with them. So, I would rather pay more attention to the thing that I'm interested in. I believe doing other thing other than Offshore can give me a good pay also in future. I believe, like what you are doing, you will do it well. You just have to be interested in whatever you do and you will do it better than other people.

Secondly, my Redang plan has to be canceled. I wanted to go to Redang since very long ago. I thought I can go, finally, in this vacation. But the girl in our group has changed her mind and not going anymore. And now I will be the only girl in that group, with another 3 guys. My parents will definitely not allow me to go. I myself think that this is not a good idea also as we planned to share room to save budget initially. And I'm scared of ghost if you were to ask me to sleep alone in a hotel~~~ o.0 Hence, this plan has to be "soaked into the soup", "pao4 tang1" le...=(

Thirdly, I've to stay in Prince George's Park (PGP), the place where I've already bored with, for the next 12 months. I wanted to move into hall as I want to experience hall life for at least once in my university life. I got 61 CCA points and can't get a place in Eusoff Hall but there was one girl got a place in Temasek Hall with just 45 points! I really don't understand why... =( Is it just because of bad luck? Ok, enough for bad luck. I hope for better luck next week. I will try to apply few more companies for my internship. I must get one or else I will become rotten in my 3 months vacation.

I was having a conversation with my parents just now. They are now in KL as they will be attending my sister's convocation ceremony tomorrow morning. 2 years later there will be my turn. My parents will be coming to Singapore to attend my convocation. I was thinking, if I would get a First Class Honour I would definitely make my parents proud. But will that be possible for me? I will try to do my best. Dad, I know you are always feeling proud that I can study abroad. I will work hard. I want to make you proud when you are attending my convocation. For mummie too. Love you ^_^


*ferlynn* said...

i believe its not merely 1st class honor that will make ur parents proud.. knowing u've tried and did ur very best is more than enough to make them proud.. well aha.. don't stress up urself too much alright ;) ganbatte kudasai..

chloe said...

Thanks for your encouragement! =)

Hope you do well in your studies too

Jiayou! Jiayou! ^_^

TRista said...

study smart, not study hard.
just try your best,all of us ONLY wish-ing you take a good care of yourself.
take care!