Friday, September 25, 2009

We are an "Air Supported Structure" !

My Professor asked me a very interesting question.

"Do you know what is air-supported structure?"
"Erm, no. I know water-supported structure."

"It's very simple. U know hot air balloon? It's an air-supported structure!"
"....., oh ok."

"Do you know that human is actually an air-supported structure too?"
"Uhh.. What?!" And my expression was like, o_o

Then he explained to me. Human is actually so called "air-supported", because we cannot stand with our skeleton alone. Our skeleton is actually supported by the air that we breathe in. The air that occupy our stomach and air that flowing in our blood in the form of Oxygen, are actually supporting our body.

I think this is a very interesting topic. I tried to search on the internet about this but I couldn't find anything that saying human is supported by air pressure in human body. Nevertheless, I think I believe that and I agree to him to a certain extent. Imagine how a single skeleton stands on its own?! It's not possible! We are not aware of that and we always think that we are supported by our skeleton. In fact skeleton needs to be supported by air as well.

Just like this.
..and this. An air supported house.

We talked about other things as well and I really gained a lot from our conversation. He is a very smart professor and he knows a lot. I think he must have read "万卷书" (10 thousands rolls - the books in the past were in rolls) Haha.. He knows not only Civil Engineering, but any other fields like science, maths, technology, programming, astronomy, religion etc. He is a "有智慧的老人家" =)

He said: "Don't always think in a conventional way. Think out of the box and you will discover something new. The world is changing. People must be innovative."