Friday, September 11, 2009

A crazy shopping spreeeeeee

Got my pay today from my boss! Yay! It's SGD536 and I am so excited about it hahha
I was thinking to go and buy Toto just now and see whether my first pay will bring me luck to win or not today. Hehe! But I went to shopping at Bugis and didn't manage to catch a Toto outlet before 7pm. If I were to buy, I will put a 9 in front and make it 9536. Haha.. 9 is my mummie's lucky number :D
I have never tried buying Toto using my own money before, I only ever helped my mum to buy. How is the feel of stricking Toto ah? haha :P

Yeah, I went to Bugis after I got the paid and had a crazy shopping spree! Haha it was so exciting to shop at Bugis street coz the things there are simply too cheap! I only earn $536 today la.. SO can only go to Bugis, but not any other high end shopping centre.. Nevertheless, the level of happiness and satisfaction is enough for me to high until I sleep tonight! :P

Well, I bought 3 tops, 1 handbag, a handphone pouch, a necklace and a watch. The watch is very fancy and I like it very much, and it's only 5 dollars! lol.. Don't expect it to last very long, just thought that it's very special and it was the only piece on the rack when I saw that. So I quickly grab it without a second thought. :P

Nice right? hehe :P There are lots of smiling faces ^.^

I only spent 54 bucks out of 536 and get so many things back in my room! hahha Picture paints a thousand words. Here are the things that I have bought.. with 54 bucks!

I like the yellow top with the necklace very much! >.<

After getting the pay today, I will be stop working there already.. Will be very busy from next week onwards for FYP.. A bit sad :(

Bz Bz Bz.. Never ending busy life of year 4!
But I will still find way to enjoy my life hahah.. Will be going for another KTV session with classmates on this Sunday! Looking forward to Sunday Yay!! It will be another crazy night out yo! And it will only cost us 10 bucks for this session coz one of our friends has vouchers! Woohoo

I will be joining dance also this semester, start from tomorrow. Have to do some dancing to relieve the stress haha.. Looking forward to tomorrow as well! :D
But have to pay 100 bucks for 10 sessions! So effectively will be 10 bucks per session.
Hmz.. hope it will be a useful one to make my HARD earn money worth..

Arrgghh my $536 is now left with $436, further deduct $54 from shopping just now then it becomes $382. Have to fork out another $26 to buy safety boots for lab work somemore, and I am now left with $356! MONEY NOT ENOUGH!!! >.<