Saturday, September 12, 2009

At least, I feel better now...

Continued from previous post: I don't want to be an evil person...

It was actually about the peer review form that I filled in for the design project. The peer reivew form is something that you evaluate the performance of your groupmates on their contribution in the project.

So what I did was I gave a bad review on my group leader. The group leader was actually pre-selected, but not through election by groupmates. So to me, I don't think my group leader is a good leader. She was not experienced in planning for execution of project and she actually annoyed me a lot with her questions that I think she was supposed to know, like project meeting time and who is supposed to in charge on what. These things are supposed to be planned by a leader, which I am not in this case. She didn't do her job well in coordinating us and we coordinated ourselves most of the time.

I almost rejected her in whatever she said and I really don't like her acting cute attitude in front of guys. yes, she is pretty but she likes to act cute. I just don't like pretty girls that like to act cute in front of guys. And the most important thing is, she didn't contribute much to the project. So, the result was I gave her bad comments on the peer review form.

But strangely, I didn't feel good at all after handing in the peer review form. I felt myself is like an evil person and trying to penalise her, and she might get poor grade because of that! I was feeling so bad... I think I shouldn't be so cared about her attitude as it will not have any consequences on me after all. Also, it was not her fault for being inexperienced to be a leader. This is her first time and she might do better for her second time. Though she didn't contribute much to the project, she indeed has contributed her part as well. So I really feel so bad for being that 'cruel' to her...

I decided to send email to my prof and explained to him about this, hoping that I could change the condition. I will definitely be blaming myself if I were the one that cause her grade to be low.
Finally my prof replied to my email already today. And I am happy that he said he will reconsider about it, and explained to me how they will use the peer review form. I am happy coz he didn't just ignore my email but still explain to me patiently. I really appreciate that...

I am feeling better now.. At least, I still manage to change the condition, like I am turning back time. Of course, I hope that I will think carefully when doing something, and don't always regret of the thing that I have done.


Went for the first dance lesson today. I am aching all over again now.. I think it's because I overstretch my leg when doing warm up. The instructor came and pressed our back and I really felt my muscle being stretched and it was so painful!!! >.<''

I quickly applied Dr.Joint Pain after I came back. It works well in relieving muscle pain. I used that before after my volleyball training last time and my muscle pain really reduce a lot the next day. The pain that I am having right now is more serious that I had last time, and feel like swelling Arrgghhh :'(

The song that we learned today was "I Stay In Love' by Mariah Carey. It's a nice song =)