Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Saturday

I was back to volleyball again yesterday! It was really excited to touch volleyball again after such a long time. I think there should be 3 months I havent been playing volleyball at all if I am not mistaken. Miss it so much! But then, my body is aching all over now..

I went to swim again this evening! Havent been swimming too for a long time, about 4 months? :P
Swimming really worsen the muscle pain on my arms and hips and thighs... :'(
I can do nothing better than sitting on the chair and facing my computer... Zzz
Haiz.. should play more sports next time. Should not be on hiatus for such a long time...

Put all the blame to my boss! He doesnt allow me to work today and tomorrow! Will go to work only on Monday... So I have to find my own activities to do... I dont want to go shopping, I dont feel like buying anything for the moment...
But still not bad. Met up with Ah Cheng today and had lunch at Jurong Point. A friend that I havent met for 3 years! A good chance to catch up though =)

My sentence very cui today, not in the mood of writing...
Alright, till here I stop! =)