Friday, July 24, 2009

First day working

Today is my first day working for my part time job in Loan Supermart. It is actually a mortgage consultancy firm and it was started up 3 years ago. Their major role is to help people to reduce their liability and save money with regards to their home loan with banks.

My job is basically to call customers and give recommendation on the most attractive interest rates that are offered by various banks in Singapore. If they want to apply for a new loan or refinance their existing loan, I will have to fix an appointment with them to collect documents from them. We are not selling any products here, so people tend to be more receptive to the idea as they don't have to fork out money from their own pocket. and the most importantly, our service is FOC! =)

I am actually quite happy that I came across this job as I get a chance to learn about home loan which I knew nothing about before. There are a lot of thing to learn and I have to learn it very fast! Luckily my boss is very nice and he is willing to teach me! ^_^ I guess it should be a great satisfaction when I have my own customers and I am helping people to save money. I am waiting for this chance to come in the near future! Though they seem hard for me at this stage, I will give my best to this job until I am independent enough to handle cases. And of course, at the same time, study well ^__^

P/S: So happy that I got my new pair of sportshoes today! It was sponsored by Amazeal for our Volleyfest ' 09.

This is specially designed for volleyball! =)
They are nice, aren't they? ^_^


TRista said...

ya...then you put more oil ya...

P/S: ya...they are nice...^__^