Sunday, July 19, 2009

Time flies...

Time flies, 2 months have passed and that means my vacation is ending. I am now back in Singapore and waiting to start my Final Year Project.

Sitting in my room, not sure whether there is anything that I can do other than surfing the net and blog about something. There are still 3 weeks before next term start. I wish I will be able to start my FYP earlier before the term start so that I won't be idling around and wasting time here.
Oops! No, I must start it before the term start, that's my purpose of coming back here so early. I can't waste my time here and do nothing. I might as well stay at home longer if like that.

I stayed at home for 2 months for this vacation. I guess I will hardly get a chance to stay at home for so long already after this. Next term, will be my final year. Yes. I am stepping into my fourth year in NUS! Time past so fast! I will be busy working for my FYP next year, as what seniors did. So I guess I will be like that too in my final year. I'm gonna miss home! :((((

This time back to my hometown, there are a few things that I am happy about.
Firstly, mummie said papa has changed a lot. Papa treats mummie better now and I can see that myself too. It makes me feel kind of relieve and I hope this condition would persist. ^__^
Granny has finished undergone surgery for both her knees. She can now walk without having to rely on a walking stick. Feel so happy seeing her becomes better and stronger day by day. ^__^
Sister is back from KL. She will be settling down in hometown and get a job there. Mummie and papa will have a companion and won't feel that lonely anymore. We are always not around them, and sis can take care of them now. Wish that sis will get a job soon! ^__^

For myself! I have learned to bake cakes and cookies! I baked a cake my papa for Fathers' Day and he was so delighted! Haha..
Unfortunately, I didn't capture a picture of that wor :((

But, I have pictures for cookies! Hee =)

they are nice oh :Pthis is for my cousin... He loves that a lot! ^__^

I wanna go out tomorrow! to meet my friends that have not seen for so long...
I will be wasting money again... Oww I am a bad girl... :((((

P/S: Listening to "会长大的幸福".. What a lovely song and romantic love!

我们唱着歌 欢呼


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