Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st August marks a good start

Yes! Today is the day that my first deal closed! yay! So happy that I have my first customer already and my boss said that I have already broken my egg! LOL :P
(Well, if you do not understand what does that mean, egg basically means 0. So I will not have 0 deal for my first month! =))
Today is 1st of August! It marks a good start for my so called ''career''!! ^_^

Went to Joel's birthday celebration today at Harbour Front Centre for Dim Sum Buffet there. The food there actually not bad, but still not as good as the one that I had in Geylang, when I first visited Singapore about 4 years ago. Sadly, I cant rememer which restaurant was that. We followed a tour and I was still so blur to recognise places in Singapore during that time! >.< The fellow volleyballers at Harbour Front Centre! =)

Felt quite happy today with this gathering actually, managed to catch up with them after I went back home for 2 months. Also update a bit of gossips that happened in our team. hahhaha :P More couples coming up! =)

My school will start after next week, after the Singapore's National Day.
I have gotten my FYP project and it's about Self-Healing Concrete. My FYP will be starting next week, after I attend the presentation by Thao, the PhD student next Tuesday... I have 2 thesis to read before that to get an idea of what the project is about! OMG!!! I hate reading paperssssss
Doing research is so sienzzz... I dont like to do research... but no choice, every student must undergo this stage before graduating.
That's life! Haiz... :(

After next week, I have to juggle my time to fit in my studies as well as my working time. I have to manage well my time so that I don't have to sacrifice my working time, and at the same time manage my studies and FYP. I really like this job.. It's getting more fun and exciting after seeing there are actually many different types of cases that I have to understand and know how to manage it. There are still room for learning, and it gives me great satisfaction when people trust us and the deal is closed. Also, it enables me to explore my interest as well as capability in other fields besides engineering.
So yup, wish I could do it! Let's cross the fingers and wish for the best! =)