Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New style, New look, New semester, New life hopefully...

New semester has started again... I am in year 3 now and this year will be a busy year for me I guess. I am taking 6 modules this semester.

HR 2002 Human Capital in Organizations
SSD 2210 Managing Singapore's Built Environment
CE 3115 Geotechnical Engineering
CE3165 Design of R.C. Structural System
CE 3101 Integrated Infrastructure Project
GEK 1036 Cross-cultural Communication Discourse

Taking my Singapore Studies and Arts GEM in one go. These 2 modules are considered to be 'toughest' module and students will SU-ed them usually. Of course I hope I can do well so that I don't have to SU it and they can help me to pull up my CAP. CE 3101 is a design project, which is mainly work on a project with no lecture and tutorial at all, but it requires high commitment. 3 students in a group will be given a real infrastructure project and we have to establish a concept master plan to present to the company. Last year students were given the Integrated Resort Project and the project this year will be known next week. I believe it will be an interesting one. The most interesting part is there will be the prizes and 3 best students will be selected to represent NUS to France for another design competition. $1000 allowance will be given out for students to travel in Paris! But it is nearly impossible for me to get the prize lar...So many geniuses around... I think I will do my best also as I believe I can learn lots of things in this project.

New look, it's my new hairstyle. I cut my hair already as I am having quite serious hair loss problem. I have no choice but to cut it short, hoping that it will reduce my hair loss problem. I am quite happy with my new hairstyle also as my friends said that it is very special and it suits me. happy! I tried to take picture to keep the look because when hair grows long later it will not be as special anymore, but I couldn't take a picture that really can show the uniqueness of my hair. T_T

New life, I am thinking to try out new thing this year. Something that I want to do but haven't done. I will be joining some sports like volleyball or badminton, and swimming. Healthy mind comes from healthy body. I need to exercise more to keep my brain alert. I am thinking to join community service too to help the needy, especially elderly. I saw an old lady in Clementi one evening. She was pushing a trolley in front of her and carrying a plastic bag in her arm. She walked towards a trash can and started to search. I was not too sure what she was searching but I guess she must be searching something like Aluminium can or cardboard. While she was searching, she found an almost-finished 'jack'n jill' potato chips which was already thrown away by people. She took it and sat on the bench and start eating the chips. I felt sympathize to her. I hope that I can help her, in some way...But I don't know how...I can't just approach her and give her money. She might feel bad if she thinks that I am treating her like a beggar...and my intention was definitely not like that. So I just sat there and watched her (of course without her notice...) She finished her chips and stood up again and push her trolley away....
I believe there are still lots more old folks out there that living a poor life. They are different with those that sent by children to old folks home, where there are people to take care of them and there are many organizations that visit them every months or every year. So I want to help those that are being neglected by the society, and living miserable life out there...I want to find the community service that is really giving help to this group of people. They are the one that really need help.

Another thing that i want to try...dancing. Thinking to learn something new in my university life. People always say that their university life is very funfilling and they learn lots of things during their university life. But I haven't had one. So I will try this out. And I also think that my body is too rigid le...want to learn dancing to make my body more flexible. hehe...

I have been procrastinating to finish my internship report. I have done most of the writing and I just have to do some editing and insert some pictures. Just left the last bit and I am done! But I feel reluctant to open the file and do it. Hmz..think I really have to finish it ASAP. Projects are coming starting next week. This semester really have lots of projects...arrgghhhhh >.<