Thursday, May 15, 2008

First day of my internship

Today is the first day of my internship. It is the first time I work in Singapore also.

I realize that it is not easy to work in Singapore as people have to take public transport to work, unlike back in Malaysia whereby I used to drive to work. I woke up at six in the morning today. I never wake up so early before even during my secondary school day. The earliest I woke up was like 6.45am. Now I have to sleep early every night so that I can wake up on time the next morning. Late to work is not a good attitude. Hmz...Imagine 2 years later after my graduation. I have to live my life like this for years! Oh my god...But try to think the other way, isn't this a healthy life? Sleep early and wake up early. 早睡早起身体好.hahaz... ;P

First day working, well, nothing much to do. Just had an introduction session and a briefing about the company. Stay in office surfing the intranet for the whole day. It's intranet, not internet -_-|| and using dunno-what-version-windows and super low speed processor. Haiz...hope all these problems won't appear in the site office. I will be posted to site office from tomorrow onwards. I guess this will be a great experience to get the exposure to site. It will be a good chance to learn also. I will appreciate this opportunity that is given to me and work hard for this 3 months.

(A big big blister on my feet...Another pair of new shoes that suffers me...) :'(