Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internship (2)

Today is the fourth day of working and I am posted to site already yesterday. So happy ^_^ I can do the thing that I am supposed to do already, rather than reading the files and notes at main office. -_-

Well, coming to site office, still have to read files also, but this is just the starting stage. It's just to get myself familiar with the progress of the project.
The project that I am working on is Gardens by the Bay@Marina Bay. I am glad that I am posted to this site. It is a botanical garden construction and it is a really nice garden. The website of the project is
Can have a look how beautiful it is... ^_^

I have visited the site this morning. The project has just started and so not much thing to see also. Just able to see the excavation of the man-made lake and some backfilling. I attended 2 meetings too today! haha...sounds like I am very busy like that. Actually nothing for me to do in the meeting. I just sit in and listen only. I found myself have learnt a lot from the meetings too, as in what is the current stage of site work and the problems that they are facing. I understand more thing and this will be easier for me to get a hang of the project. I look forward to really working and really involving in this project. =)


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