Thursday, May 29, 2008

Singapore National Concrete Canoe Competition

Singapore National Concrete Canoe Competition, which was first ever held in Singapore by NTU.
After striving hard for nearly 7 months, since October 2007, we have finally culminated in the race day on 25 May 2008! ^_^

There were 2 teams representing NUS for the competition, namely Viper and Voyager. I was in the Voyager group and our team won the first runner up. Viper was the Champion! Bravo to all of us! Yeah!

It was really a great experience in joining this competition, especially together with a group of friends. We worked really hard together, especially during last few weeks when the competition drew near. We stayed in the lab until 2 to 3 am after midnight to rush for the finishing of the canoe. Having thought that over now, we feel that we were really crazy during that time. haha...

Casting of prototype

Presentation day

The 2 finishing canoes

Painting Voyager

Unique design of Viper ~ designed by Poh Khai's sister

Finished product of Voyager

Finished product of Viper

Viper Display

Voyager Display

Voyager Team Member

Racing Day ~


We have won!

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