Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taiwan Facial Masks Sales

Hello ! I am helping a friend to sell facial masks from Taiwan and I have setup a blog about this. Please visit the blog at Trust me! It's a great deal.

We are now selling at SGD 0.90 per piece. Can mix and match all the products. And Right now the promotion is buy 15 and get 1 for FREE! YES, it is 15 FREE 1 !!! Till 31st March only. So hurry up!! ^__^

Our products are 100% imported from Taiwan.

我的心機面膜系列 My Scheming Beauty Facial Masks

我的心機~玻尿酸面膜 Sodium Hyaluronate / Bolivian Uric Acid Mask ** Best Seller**
我的心機~竹炭面膜 Bamboo Chacoal Hydrating Mask **Best Seller**
我的心機~Q10膠原蛋白面膜 Q10 Collagen Mask
我的心機~淨化調理面膜 Iris Extract Purifying Mask
我的心機~角質深層清潔面膜 Deep Cleansing Bacillus Ferment Mask
我的心機~頂級左旋C面膜 Levoratoy C / Ascorbic Acid Mask
我的心機~葡萄籽面膜 Grape Seed Extract Mask
我的心機~牛奶美白保濕面膜 Milk Whitening Moisture Mask
我的心機~綠茶薏仁面膜 Green Tea & Barley Extract Mask
我的心機~綠茶草本抗痘面膜 Osmosoft / Herbaceous Anti-Acne Mask
我的心機~熊果素亮白無暇面膜 我的心機~蘆薈維他命E修護面膜 Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Repairing Mask

北海道戀人系列 Hokkaido Lover Mask
【北海道戀人】Q10緊緻彈力面膜 Q10 Elastic Mask
【北海道戀人】15?煥顏面膜 Argireline + Amino Mask
【北海道戀人】左旋C晶透?白面膜 L-Ascorbic Whitening Mask
【北海道戀人】玻尿酸水漾面膜 Sodium Hyaluronate /Bolivian Uric Acid Mask
【北海道戀人】控油調理雙效面膜 Anti-Oil Purifying Mask
【北海道戀人】櫻花嫩白光采面膜 Sakura Softening + Whitening Mask
【北海道戀人】E.G.F 修護無痕面膜 EGF Reconstructing + Repairing Mask

Some sample pictures for your reference.. ^__^