Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here comes my job offer !

Wow! I have left this blog abandoned for about 3 months already! It wasn't that I was too busy and no time to blog. It was just simply because I was not motivated to blog. I dunno why, just reluctant somehow..

I went for an interview last week. Didn't expect to get his job offer actually, coz there is only one position opening. As it's a position of a sales engineer, the boss actually looking for a person that possess a car. and I don't have one..

Surprisingly, the company called me up for 2nd interview in next few days after the 1st interview. The company has already given me the job offer, to the salary that I requested. The benefits are quite good actually.. The company will provide me a car and a phone, and give me petrol card and cash card. He said I can pump petrol as much as I like, the the cash card will pay for the ERP and parking. Sounds too good to be true! But I didn't accept that offer on the spot. haha Just told him that I will give him answer as soon as possible, and he required me to reply him by next Wednesday.

I guess I will be taking up this job. It has always been my wish to get a job before I am graduated. And the employee benefits that he offers he are not bad after all. Being a fish in a small pond, I think I will have plenty of chance to learn. and I will be a big fish in a medium pond in times to come. I will help the company to expand to a bigger one.. =)
No doubt that I hope to work in a big company, but since I still haven't gotten any reply from other companies, I think I will go with this.

So the next thing that I'm gonna do is to convert my license by taking up a theoretical test. After that apply for PR. coz I am employed! ^__^

Alright, wish me luck! =)