Wednesday, December 2, 2009


小番薯 was a name that I used to have... some times ago..

I have finished my exams today and I cleaned up by desktop and external hard disk drive. I found this picture which I took some times ago when I was housekeeping my bedroom.. and it reminds me of someone..

It's a picture of Potato. Cute, isn't it?
We used to call each other 大番薯 and 小番薯. I was 小番薯 and he was 大番薯. hahha =D

And another picture,

A happy 'family'
A thing that I am not sure whether I should keep, or throw away..

Ok, I know I shouldn't think about this anymore, it's just something that I see and they remind me of him, that's all.. nothing else..

It's time to sleep, tomorrow have to go to lab and cast my column.
I really wish that Mr Choo could let me cast tomorrow, so that I can go back home.
Sometimes I really don't know how to communicate with the lab people.
Conflicts keep arising and I have to talk to them repeatedly and to different person, and yet things turn out to be the wrong one, and they are deemed to be my fault! wth..
Nevermind, one more semester to go. After next semester then I can say 'buh-bye' to them already...