Thursday, November 12, 2009

I wanna open my own cake house

It has been a month I left this blog untouched and today I am coming back to blog about my inspiration today.

Yes! I wanna open my own cake house!

Mocha cake from Bengawan Solo =)

Why? coz I like cakes a lot. I can't stop myself from seeing those beautiful and nicely decorated cakes everytime I pass by Bengawan Solo. I think the cakes in Bengawan Solo are the most beautiful one, and they are nicer too =)
I like to bake cakes too. I like to see the cake especially when they come out from the oven and look good! and I know that yes! I can make it! And I like to see people eating my cakes! hahaha.. Pardon me if the cakes were not nice, I will make it better next time =)

What? Other than cakes, I like Chocolates a lot too. So I will be making lots of different kinds of chocolates in my cake house too. So my cake house will have a concept consisting cakes and chocolates. Hmz.. have to think about this. I'm gonna make it a really interesting one.
And a confirm thing, my cake house won't be selling any bread, it will not be like BreadTalk.

How? Well, I am still not too sure about this. As I have to earn enough money first before I can really open my cake house.
This brings me to another question - When?
I will come out with a plan for this, I have a lot of factors have to be factored in.

Who? Myself! and with my future husband if he is willing to do it together with me. ^_^ And of course, I welcome new ideas! If you are interested or have any ideas, feel free to let me know hahas..

Where? This is a very important question. Will it be in Singapore? Or in Malaysia? Or other countries? But I havent travelled to other countries till date. I wish to find out more about the cake house concepts in European countries, like France. I may bring back their concepts and the most importantly is the people here able to accept the ideas. I wanna make it a different thing here.

Ok, this will be my ultimate goal. I will be doing this when I want to settle down in my life.
It's not practical to talk about any plan right now, as I don't have a concrete plan yet. So this will be the next thing that I'm gonna do after my exam. I wish to achieve this as soon as possible, probably before I reach 30. ^__^

Talking about cakes, and I am craving for cakes right now ~


TRista said...

good! I wish can own a coffee house too! cz i LOVE coffee so so much ^__^