Thursday, July 31, 2008

it has come to the end...

tomorrow will be the last day of my internship. i will be heading back to my sweet home tomorrow night. i have been waiting for this moment for very long time. i happily went for shopping in past few weeks to buy something that i can bring back. i bought 3 clothes for the kids and a birthday present for my friend.

i am happy that i can go home before the term starts. else i will only go back in december, which is the end of next semester. another 4 months to, i can't and i don't want too...i miss the kids and my mom's dishes so much. i want to go home >.<

on the other hand, i feel sad that i am leaving this company soon. the people here are all so good and treated me so well. i like the feeling to be treated like a little girl and everyone dotes so much for me coz i am the youngest in that company. everyone is just like my brothers and sisters. One of my colleague, Selina, who is an admin staff, really make me touched so deeply. she bought apple biscuits from somewhere and kept it specially for me. she nicely packed it and when i back to the HQ today, she happily gave that to me, saying that that is the present for me. the biscuits really taste very nice and i haven't tried that before. i didn't expect to have this present and i really appreciate it. thanks so much, Selina.

i guess i really don't like the moment to bid farewell. after spending 3 months time together and it is time to say goodbye...and the atmosphere will become so tense suddenly. it makes me want to cry every time i face this kind of situation. people keep asking me why i want to leave early, and it is really hard for me to answer every time. i want to i want to go home...i also want to i will be missing everyone so much.

i used to think deeply recently and i even missed the stop while i was thinking something one day. my mind can't think of too complicated thing and i am easily confused. so i shouldn't think so much anymore. i am going back home tomorrow and i should be very happy.. my hair loss problem is getting more serious recently, which i don't know why...sigh...=(