Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Online Streaming Radio from Hong Kong

883Jia FM used to be my favourite radio station at all time. I used to tune in to its online streaming every night when I was studying. Nice to have it to accompany me through my last 2 years of study here.
Sadly, it's online streaming is no longer available now due to some licensing problem.
After many times of searching and switching from one station to another, I finally found this fantastic channel. It is just what I want!

It has a lot of different channels and the channel that I like the most is Asia Hitz. It has songs ranges from Chinese to Japan and Korean, and it has one that 883Jia doesn't have, Cantonese! Perfect! So basically all songs from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong can be found here. They are all songs of normally a Chinese will listen to. No English songs though, and no Malays too. Haha! Nice.

I like it so much and I will tune in whenever I turn on my lappy =)

Enjoy ~ if it interests you ~

This is also where I found this song 寂寞光年 by 刘力扬 which I will post in the next post.