Friday, April 24, 2009


The exam style in university is different from primary and secondary school, which we cannot bring anything into the exam hall other than your brain.

In university, there are mainly 3 types of exam. One of which is the one that we are familiar with, Closed Book exam and the second one is its opposite, Open Book exam. Apart from that, there is a thing called helpsheet in the university, which is a piece of blank A4 paper, and you can write whatever you want on both sides and bring it to your exam.

I am taking Engineering Professionalism this semester and the exam is not Open nor Close Book. We are allowed to bring in this helpsheet to the exam. And guess what, this module is a very subjective one, lots of concepts and moral values, and the most important thing is the notes are all words! Without a single equation! And well, I have to do this helpsheet, by copying all these notes of the entire semester into 2 pages of A4 paper!

And now, this is my helpsheet...

Hehe Cannot take too near.. coz my handwriting cannot make it hahha and might be taken as copyright infringement also :p

Spent 6 hours to do this! My half day gone!

The only thing that I hope now is this thing will be utilized to its max tomorrow. So that it really serves its purpose as a "Helpsheet" and help me hahha :P

Ok, I should back to my past year paper now =)

Be right back...