Sunday, November 9, 2008

Self reflection after the competition...

The competition has finally over. This competition has made this semester to be the most hectic semester that I have ever had in my university life. Stayed in school overnight just to get our model done, had supper together in the middle of the night and squatted in that pathetically small room and slept without my comfy bed had indeed made these few weeks the toughest for me. But the outcome has made all our hard works worthwhile. Our group has won the best group prize for THE BEST CONCEPT PLAN! I am so proud to be in this group, with the group mates that are so clique together after working together from the past few projects. One of my groupmate is even better. He has won another BEST INDIVIDUAL prize! He is always the friend that I am proud to have. He always has a clear mind on what has to be done and he is the one that set the direction for our project to progress. He is also the one that able to use the minimal amount of time and get the maximum things done. His presentation was really an eye-opener as he is able to convince people with his outstanding presentation skills. He really deserves the prize. I wish I could be like him too. I didn’t work hard enough for my presentation. I wasn’t motivated enough to convince myself that I want to strive for the best individual prize and go to Paris for Defi Challenge. Going for Defi Challenge has been a dream that is too far for me and I thought that I wasn’t prepared for that. But after seeing those winners have got a chance to go, I was regret of myself. I couldn’t blame anyone but only to myself that I didn’t work hard enough. I felt that my presentation was too bad and I could have screwed the team up. I was so happy and felt kind of relieved that we won the BEST CONCEPT PLAN! =) I would blame myself forever if our group lost just because of me.

After all, I have learned a lot from this competition. Also, I know what my weaknesses are and I have to overcome that. It was a great learning process and it has changed the way I think. CS made me realized that I must have clearer direction on what I want before I start doing anything. Thanks CS for your comment. He is the one that makes me realized the importance of self-reflection in order for people to grow, for a better one. I know what I have to improve, for my projects in future, as well as for my career in future. Now, I am clear of what I want for my future. Having a good result is the important thing for me now in order to get into the company that I want. This company is just too good to work in. It will be my current motivator for my next exam to come, in about 2 weeks time. I haven’t been studying much for the past few weeks because of the competition. So I have to start now! Not much time to waste! Concentrate and Ganbatte to myself! ^_^ Motivation! Motivation!