Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Share of thoughts...

Came across some meaningful proverbs (I think...) and hope to share with you here ^_^

1. Do to others what you would have them do to you. ~ Matthew

We are dealing with different kinds of people everyday. Some, we may deem them as our friends, but some might only be our acquaintances. For our friends, there will be certain level of expectation we will have on our friends. Just like when we are down, we need friends to be around. Vice versa, when our friends ask for our help, we will never say no if we can help. This mutual expectation is nature to human being. Therefore, if we expect people to treat us good, we must treat other people as how we hope people would treat us. And of course, treat people good sincerely, right from the bottom of your heart, not hoping that they will treat you as what you have expected. People might disappoint you sometimes...

2. Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~ St. Augustine

Sometimes when we are stucked in some problem, and we can't have solution also after long thinking. What we can do is to sit down and peace your mind. Think when you are not being disturbed, and you might be able to find your answer. Just like what bodhisattva did when he was finding the meaning of happiness. Ideas will come when you have patience.

3. Skill is nil without will.

Passion is very important to keep us going. If we don't like what we are doing, we will not believe in what we are doing. Confidence is essential for you to convince people, but before you can convince people, you must be able to convince yourself. If you don't believe in what you are saying, you will not be able to convince people. No matter how good your idea is, if you can't convince people, people will not buy your idea. You will just be at the losing end...

4. A dream is a wish your heart makes. ~ Jimmy Cricket

Have a dream in your heart, not in your brain. Strive hard to achieve what you wish, work towards your dream whole-heartedly. Half-hearted will not make you go far. Think of your dream and that's the motivation that you give yourself. Listen to what your heart tells you, achieve what your heart wants.

5. Everything a person does was for the purpose of achieving happiness of some kind. ~ Aristotle

Happiness is invaluable. There are some people have not been feeling happy for quite some time, especially people that are working. But they never realise that, until they are enlightened by something and they will realise that they haven't been laughing for quite some time. Some people perceive happiness as getting what they want, or achieving what they aim for. Some people feel happy when they see people around them are happy. Some people says happiness is simple, just smile. Make connection to people around you with your smile. Smile, even when you are talking on phone, people will be able to feel it. The power of smile is amazing. Who knows, your smile makes people feel happy? ^__^

6. 3 rules of work:
(1) Out of clutter, find simplicity
(2) Out of discord, find harmony
(3) In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~ Albert Einstein

In a confused and disorder state, make things simple and work things out. I can still recall our tutor taught us "divide and conquer" technique when solving our physics question. Something seems to be complicated, but there is way to solve it somehow.
When there is conflicts, try reaching compromise and establish consensus. Things will get done when agreement is achieved and harmony is attained.
Good time will come after hard time has passed. Do not give up during difficult time and our effort will pay after hard time. We learn lesson from things that happened and that makes us stronger to face more challenges ahead.

Just sharing some of my thoughts... Hope you enjoy. ^__^